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We know the decision making process can be tough, and you feel like you have a bunch of used car sales men spewing out unverified "facts" about their clubs, so don't just take our word for it, see what the parents of some of the area's top volleyball players have to say about Empowered.  Please do not hesitate to contact the or email one of the parent’s below!

Age Group Parent Name  Emails Athlete & Accomplishments
18s Leslie Tacosik Jenna Tacosik (Sr): Starting Varsity Setter for Lakewood Park Christian, Captain & Huntington University Commit
17s Mitch Kruse Lilly Kruse (Jr):  #1 in Indiana & #18 in the Nation in Kills, Starting Varsity Outside Hitter for Lakewood,  Captain & Division 1 Recruit
16s Michelle Wilcox Emily (Fr) & Elise Wilcox (Jr): Starting Varsity Setter & Middle for Homestead &  Division 1 Recruits
15s Melissa Smith

Brooke Smith (Fr): Starting Varsity Outside Hitter & Top Division 1 Recruit

14s Kathy Novack Taylor Bransfield (Fr): Starting Varsity Middle Hitter for Bishop Luers & Division 1 Recruit
13s Lisa Denning Reagan Denning (Fr): Starting Varsity Setter for Hicksville 
12s Denise Lyons Emma (7th) & Kaley Lyons (Fr):  St. Vincent Captain (Emma) & Starting JV Setter for Bishop Dwenger
11s Angela Gebert Abby (4th) & Kendyl Gebert (Jr): Stud 10yr old (Abby) & Starting Varsity Setter for Snider & Division 1 Recruit (Kendyl

“Empowered is not just a volleyball club, it’s a family. From the Club Directors Will and Ashlee who personally take an interest in every player and even attends their school matches, to the wonderful coaches who do the same, our experience with Empowered has been truly special.  Having played at another local club prior to Empowered we struggled finding a sense of community and security. Our entire family has made close friendships through Empowered. The families are also part of what makes Empowered special.  Any time we need a helping hand with getting to or from practice someone is always there offering to help. From a competitive perspective, my daughter had a tournament schedule that included some of the best teams in the county. This level of exposure gave her the confidence at her high school tryouts to not only make the Varsity team as a freshman but start on Varsity team as a freshman. The coaches at EVA practice positive reinforcement and a coaching philosophy second to none. Empowered teaches the physical game as well as providing the mental conditioning the girls need to fight through those tough matches. Many local high school coaches ask us where Nevaeh plays club noting that she has improved so much and we proudly say Empowered. The sand courts at Empowered play a huge role in her physical conditioning. God has a plan for my daughter and I believe Empowered, the coaches, staff, families, and players are part of His plan and we could not be happier. 

Thank You,

Lisa  Vie (Nevaeh Vie-14A1 Elite)

These last two years at Empowered have been a blessing to me. Everyone surrounding me felt like family, even if I didn't know them.  The coaches were intense, but good intense. They pushed us to be our best in every way because they love and care about us.  They push us on the court to not waste a single rep.  The practices, performance trainings, and mental conditioning were fun yet challenging.  Practices were high intensity while we work on developing all skills no matter what position you played. Performance training was focused on strengthening, endurance, and injury prevention. Mental conditioning was Christian based with a priority on helping the team grow closer and learning how to represent ourselves positively on and off the court. Mental conditioning helped our team grow so close which had a direct reflection on how our team performed on the court. One of my favorite parts of the week was our beach training. Beach develops the whole player and focuses on seeing the whole court. On or off the court there was never any drama and I felt like I had gained 10 new sisters right away.  Not only did my team become family, but we were also paired up with younger players and had the opportunity to mentor and lead the next generation. Empowered is my family and I can't wait until next season!

Katie Crowe (17A1 & IPFW Commit)

We came to Empowered Volleyball Academy as friends, and we will leave as family. Will and Ashlee Robbins have taken our daughter, Lilly, from a girl who had played 20 matches of elementary and junior high volleyball and developed her to the state leader in kills among all classes most of her sophomore year and the state leader in aces and kills her junior year as a NCAA Division 1 recruit. 
The Empowered Volleyball Academy experience is holistic, developing each athlete physically, mentally, and spiritually. Through athletic training by professional volleyball players for volleyball players, Empowered athletes jump higher, move faster, and grow stronger. Both in the sand and on the hard courts, they rapidly improve in serving, passing, blocking, and attacking through all coaching voices communicating a consistent message of instruction that inspires and encourages everyone involved. Empowered athletes train mentally to think like champions, and they are led spiritually through Christ-like character development taught from the Bible. 
With our youngest daughter Haley now in her third year at Empowered and our daughter Kelsey bringing her college playing and coaching experience to the academy, we are blessed to be part of the Empowered Volleyball family and will treasure our relationships with coaches, staff, players, and parents for eternity. 

Mitch Kruse (Lilly and Haley Kruse 17A1 & 13A1)


"I feel like Empowered is my second home. Will and Ashlee, and my coaches at Empowered have taught me so much more than how to play volleyball.  They have taught me how to be a better person, teammate, and how to stay focused during hard matches.  These skills are ones that I use in life on and off the court.  I know that my Empowered family is only a phone call (or text) away if I ever need anything.  Playing at Empowered has made my love for the game of volleyball grow so much in such a short  amount of time.  I enjoy the big tournaments and playing against competitive teams, win or lose I always have fun.  The mental and physical training is not always easy at Empowered but we do it as a team and it's always worth it! I'm blessed to call EVA my home."

Nevaeh Vie (14A1 Elite)

"Empowered Volleyball Academy's coaches are the best coaches that my daughter has ever had the opportunity to work with. Our family has been involved with club volleyball for over 5 years with two daughters and 3 clubs. Our daughter is a much better player, and her love for the game grew even deeper over the last 6 months at Empowered. She respects her coach and the mentor coaches that help at each practice. I believe one of the best parts about Empowered is that my daughter understands that everything the coaching staff did was to help her personally improve her game which had a direct impact on the overall team success. Thank you for everything you've done for my daughter and our family" U15 Parent

"I started playing volleyball when I was 12 and that’s when my passion for the sport first began. Even though I might not have known much about the fundamentals of the sport growing up, after going to Empowered I have turned my passion for the sport into an opportunity in which I can use my talents for Christ. I learned things on a mental and physical level I never knew about volleyball. Empowered has given me the ability to become the player I have always strived to be. I had the passion and they had the coaching, facility, and time to make my dreams a reality.
     I can never thank Coach Robbins enough for pushing me to reach my goals. He taught me what it meant to be mentally tough and to do whatever it takes to accomplish my goals. He loved me like a daughter and was always willing to give me advice whether it be about volleyball or about my life. His influence on my life will have a lasting impact on my future.
    Another reason I appreciate Empowered so much is because my faith was grown while I was there. I would look forward to Wednesday’s so much because Mr. Kruse would lead us in our mental conditioning which was always focused on Christ. These mental conditioning sessions helped my team bond without even knowing it. We got to know each other on a deeper level and this was reflected by the way we played together on the court.
    Empowered means everything to me and I would encourage anyone who wants to play at the next level to try-out, take lessons and get the help they need to achieve their goals."

Olivia Martin (17A1 & U of Indy Commit)


Empowered Volleyball Academy is my second home. Empowered creates  a  family atmosphere within the club. Will and Ashlee Robbins are both role models to me and are like my  second parents. I love  the  people  of Empowered, and I highly value my relationships with each coach, player, and teammate. Knowledgeable teachers who know the game and who care about my personal development on and off the court surround me at Empowered. I am blessed to play the sport I love in a place that reminds me of where my identity is truly found, in Jesus Christ. Empowered has provided me with countless opportunities to grow in my walk with God alongside my teammates who are some of my best friends. Playing club volleyball at EVA has taught me so much about others and myself. I have learned discipline, witnessed what a strong work ethic looks like from the outside looking in, and  grown in my connection with God and with fellow believers who share in my passion. I love being at the facility using the volleyball courts, strength training, and sand courts as great resources to improve. The  coaching staff exceeds expectations, and they do not strictly train skill, but they train the mindset of a  champion volleyball player. Volleyball is my favorite thing in the world to do, and I have only grown in my skill and in my love for the game by being a part of the Empowered Family.

Lilly Kruse -17A1 Elite

This year was our first experience with club volleyball. Our coach always presented herself with dignity and respect. At tournaments she was respectful of parents, players, and refs.  During practices she came prepared with practice plans and an agenda to help each athlete get better, as well as, the team growth as a whole.  I never questioned what was happening on the court, because everything was explained to my daughter. My daughter knew what was expected of her at all times.  Her coaches were open and honest and pushed my daughter to improve every skill. I loved that she had the opportunity to try different positions and improve all aspects of her game.  Often there were extra coaches on the court helping during practices and tournaments. The entire coaching staff took a vested interest in our team and my daughter, not just our coach. Empowered Volleyball Academy definitely felt like family. 

(End of year Survey)