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Room Blocks for EVA Teams

Empowered Room Blocks

At Empowered, we do not require all our parents to stay at the same place; however, we do encourage it.   There are many positives to keeping a whole team together, but we also understand that financially or logistically, that is not always possible.  Therefore,  we offer room blocks for those who can stay together, and usually try to stay somewhat close to the venue, in a clean and respectable hotel around the $100-140/night range. 

The only exception to this rule, would obviously be the USA Volleyball National Qualifiers, and any other tournament that has a "Stay and Play" policy.  These policies have been adopted over the years by tournament directors, in order to keep local hotels from raising prices and gouging parents.  At these tournaments it is mandatory to stay at one of the partner hotels, or the team is not allowed in the event.